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Toll-Free SMS

Toll-Free SMS to Power Your Media Campaigns

Send text messages to your audience, fans and community using regular business telephone numbers and start seeing a boost in engagement. 

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What is Toll-Free SMS?

Toll-Free SMS are toll-free numbers enabled to send SMS and MMS (Picture) messages to your audience, fans, and community.   

With 10DLC you can send SMS news alerts, newsletters, and more.

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Why Use Toll-Free SMS?

Toll-free texting numbers are ideal for magazines, news papers, media publishers, brands and creators. They enable you to build your audience, engage and communicate with your community and fans. Toll-free numbers are carrier approved and work with your existing business numbers.   

Grow Your Audience

Use Toll-Free texting numbers to engage and grow your audience with mobile clubs, interactive campaigns and more.

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Audience Growth
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Use Your Toll-Free or Ours

We can text enable your existing-toll free or you can use one of ours. 

Approved for All Types of Campaigns

Toll-Free SMS numbers are approved by all the major USA and Canadian carriers.

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Toll-Free SMS Features

Use Toll-Free texting with our advanced platform features to power your campaigns.

Personalize Your SMS Messages

Personalize your messages with custom data fields and filtering.

Send Targeted Messages

Segment and target your audience with keywords to their preferred interests.

Easy for Your Audience to Use

Audience members of all ages can participate. No need for them to create accounts, sign up, log in, or remember passwords.

Two-Way Messaging

Have 1-to1 conversations with your audience. Manage incoming messages from our portal or forward to your email or mobile number for instant replies.

API & Zapier Integrations

Easy integrations with our API or Zapier. Integrate with your email client and other apps.

Reporting & Tracking

Advanced reporting and tracking features for your campaigns.

Toll-Free SMS Delivers

SMS has 95%+ open rates.  Compare that to email and you’ll see why SMS should be part of your audience development strategy. 

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Have Questions about Toll-Free Texting?

Contact us today. We’re here to answer questions whether you are just curious or have been thinking about getting an SMS project started. 

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