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SMS Surveys, Polling, & Voting

SMS Surveys, Voting and Polling

Gain valuable feedback from your audience. All while making it easy to participate in your engagement campaigns with text messaging.

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What are SMS Surveys?

With our SMS Survey service, you can send text or web based surveys, via SMS or MMS, to your audience to gain insight and feedback on their interactions with your business or to get their opinion on trending news topics.  

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The Problem with your Email Surveys


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Why Send Text Message Surveys ?

With higher open, read, and engagement rates than email, SMS Surveys are the prefect complement to any surveys you may be sending. SMS Surveys make it easy for your audience to participate. And with SMS, your surveys won’t end up in the spam folder or go unseen. 

Boost Survey Interactions

Benefit from higher open, read & engagement rates than email and mail.

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Open Rates
Increase CTR
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Stand Out from the Competition​

Send text message surveys, polling and voting messages to engage with your audience.

Give Your Audience a Voice

Let your audience participate and get their opinions on your business, current events, and more.

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Create a New Source of Revenue

Send sponsored surveys and provides more value to your advertisers while creating new revenue streams. 

SMS Surveys, Voting and Polling Features

With flexibility to only use what you need, when you need it – combine one or more of our products for a tailored solution.

Send Targeted Surveys

Send targeted surveys to your your audience with segmented lists.

Multiple Survey Options

Send text based interactive surveys or include a link from apps like surveymonkey.

Personalize your SMS Surveys

Personalize your surveys with standard and custom data fields


Complement your email and mailing with SMS to reduce costs and save time and resources.

It's Easy for your Audience to Participate

No logins, no passwords, or app downloads. Makes it easy for all audience members to participate.

Tracking and Reporting

Advanced tracking and reporting for your campaigns.

Get Real Time Feedback from Your Audience

Engage with your audience, gain valuable feedback, all in real-time. 

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Have questions about SMS Surveys?

Contact us today. We’re here to answer questions, give you a quick demo, or share valuable industry insight.

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