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SMS for Email Capture

SMS Email Capture

Use SMS to collect emails and other data from your audience. Grow your email and mobile lists at the same time.
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How does SMS Email Capture Work?

SMS can do a lot more than just send text messages. You can use text messaging to complement and help build your email list, while also capturing mobile numbers and other important data. 

Include your texting number and keyword in your marketing materials, print, mailers, etc., to enable your audience to text you their email address and add them to your list. 

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The Problem Collecting Emails

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Why Use SMS Email Capture?

Building an email list outside of website signups is difficult. SMS makes the sign up process easy and adds new tracking to your list building efforts.

Grow Your Lists

Grow your audience, fan, community and customer lists with an easy to to use text to join campaign.

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Leverage Traditional and Digital Media

Create a call to action in your print and and other media.
Enable your media advertisers with email capture

Integrates with Your Email Service

Multiple options to integrate email capture with your apps and software.

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SMS Makes it Easy

Start capturing more email addresses for your audience, advertiser and exhibitor lists. 

SMS Email Capture & Platform Features

Works with Traditional & Digital Media

Promote in your print, digital, OOH, even and marketing materials.

Assign Multiple Keywords for Tracking

Assign multiple keywords to track campaigns in your various media

Customized Data Fields

Capture emails and other relevant data with customized fields

Easy for your Audience to Use

Makes email sign ups easy for your audience. No pen or paper, no having to remember to go to a website.


Use with your other SMS campaigns. Send follow-on messages after a mobile signup and ask for their email.

Tracking and Reporting

Track your email capture campaigns and see which medium are delivering results.

API & Zapier Integrations

Connect to your email client through our API or Zapier integrations.

Let Your Audience Sign Up for Your Email List Quickly and Easily with Text Messaging

Use SMS in new and creative ways to help drive your business goals and objectives.

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Have Questions about SMS Email Capture?

Contact us today. We’re here to answer questions and provide industry insight, not hard sell you.

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