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SMS for Events & Webinars

SMS for Events & Webinars

Sign up more registration’s, attendees and exhibitors. Boost engagement at your webinars, conferences, and trade shows, all with text messaging. 

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How Text Messaging Works for Your Webinars and Events

Text Messaging enables you to leverage your contacts and build target lists to send to potential attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Text Messaging is a powerful tool to help you communicate before, during and after your events. Sending text messages ensures your messages are seen and increases the likelihood of your audience attending and participating.

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The Problem with your Email Event Alerts

Email & Social Media

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Why Send Text Message Events Alerts?

SMS webinar and event alerts makes it easy for you to stand out among the noise of email and social media. Grab your audiences attention and start seeing higher signup and registration rates.

Sign Up More Attendees & Exhibitors

Higher open, read & engagement rates than email

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Engage in Real-Time at Your Events

Deliver timely and relevant SMS messages and content to your audience.

Follow Up After Events

Your webinar and event marketing never stops. Engage with your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors throughout the year.
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Create a New Source of Revenue

Monetize your webinar & event audience with SMS.

Text Messaging Event & Webinar Features

Targeted Event Messaging

Send targeted messages to your lists. Segment your messaging for attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and contractors.

Multiple Opt-In Options

Leverage your print, digital properties, and event materials to build your list using keywords and web forms.

Personalize your SMS Event Alerts

Personalize your event alerts with standard and custom data fields

It's Easy to Use

No logins, no passwords, no app downloads. Easy for your attendees and exhibitors to to use.

Surveys, Polling, Voting

Send surveys after the event to gather valuable information

2-Way Texting

Set up a special help line for attendees and exhibitors to engage with your staff.


Tracking and Reporting

Keep track of sign ups, engagement campaigns and more.

API & Zapier Integrations

Easy to use and set up integrations and API’s that integrate into your apps and software.

See a Boost with Sign Ups and Attendance with mobile messaging

Share information at your events in real-time. Deliver messages at scale to your audience with the #1 communication channel-text messaging.

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Have Questions about Text Messaging for Webinars & Events?

Contact us today. We’re here to to see if text messaging can help you for your next webinar or event. 

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