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SMS Short Codes

Send SMS engagement, marketing and communication messages to your audience, fans and community with dedicated short codes.

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What is a Short Code?

A short code is a 5 or 6 digit phone number that is used by businesses, organizations, and government agencies to send regular text and MMS (picture) messages.  These messages can be used for marketing, communications,  alerts, notifications and more.

These numbers can only be used to send and receive text messages.  They do not have a voice channel to transmit calls.

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The Different Types of Short Codes

There are two different types of short codes used for SMS engagement, random and vanity. They’re the exact same in terms of their functionality and capabilities. It all comes down to the number and associated costs.

Random Short Codes

Random codes are assigned from a pool. They may the best option if you are looking to keep the cost down and can wait a month or so for carrier approval. 

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Vanity Short Codes

Choose your number from an available pool to have your campaigns stand out. 

Carrier Approved for High Volume Messaging

High throughput for large scale campaigns.

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Platform Features

Use your short code with our engagement platform to jumpstart your mobile messaging project.

Send Messages at Scale

Short Codes enable you to send messages to small or large databases

API and Zapier Integrations

Easily connect to your platform and software with our API or Zapier integrations

Easy Setup

We make it easy to navigate the paperwork and regulatory issues you may face when setting up and managing a short code and provide the support you need via email and phone

2-Way Texting

Short Codes enable you to engage with your audience in a 2-way conversation

Tracking and Reporting

Advanced tracking and reporting features for your news alerts campaigns

Platform Services

Use your short code with our engagement platform to communicate with your audience

Power Your Audience Development Campaigns with SMS Short Codes

Deliver messages at scale to your audience with the #1 communication channel, SMS messaging.

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Have Questions about Short Codes?

Give us a shout. We’re here to help, not hard sell you.  

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