SMS News Alerts

Send text message news alerts that stand out, boosts engagement and drives website visitors.

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What are SMS News Alerts?

SMS news alerts enables you to send breaking news and regular news updates to your audience with text messages and picture messages (MMS).  

Complement your email news alerts and social media posts and start seeing higher engagement rates with text messaging. 

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The Problem with Your Email News Alerts

Email Engagment

Why Send Text Message News Alerts?

SMS news alerts enable you to stand out among the noise of email and social media news alerts. Grab your audiences attention and start seeing higher engagement rates.

Boost Engagement

Higher open, read, and engagement rates than email.
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Stand Out From the Competition

Be the first message your audience see when it comes to breaking news.

Drive Website Traffic

Start sending SMS news alerts and start seeing a boost in website traffic, website visitors and page views. 

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Engagement Rate Boost
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Create a New Source of Revenue

Create new revenue streams with sponsored SMS news alerts.

SMS News Alert Features

With flexibility to only use what you need, when you need it – combine one or more of our products for a tailored solution.

Personalized News Alerts

Personalize your news alerts with standard and customized data fields.

Targeted Messages

Create general and category specific news categories. Segment and target your audience with their preferred interests.

Easy for Your Audience to Use

No logins, no passwords, no app downloads. Great for audience members of all ages.

Interactive Messages

Easily gather information from your audience while sending news alerts by engaging them with interactive campaigns.


Integrates with your existing email client and software apps with our Zapier integrations and API.

Data Analytics

Advanced tracking and reporting for your news alert campaigns.

See a Boost Across Multiple Metrics with SMS News Alerts

Share information with your audience in realtime. Deliver messages at scale to your audience with the #1 communication channel-text messaging.

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Have Questions about SMS News Alerts?

Contact us today. We’re here to answer any questions and provide industry insight, not hard sell you. 

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