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Send SMS newsletters and start seeing higher engagement rates and website traffic than email!

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What are SMS Newsletters?

Our SMS Newsletter service enables you to send your newsletters via SMS and MMS picture messages directly to your audience, community and customers.

Complement your email newsletters for a boost in traffic and a better omni-channel engagement strategy.

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The Problem with your Email Newsletters


Why Send Text Message Newsletters?

Let your newsletters stand out and start seeing higher engagement rates and website traffic. Complement your email newsletters for a better omni-channel engagement strategy.

Increase Engagement Rates

Boost open and engagement rates that drive website traffic and page views.
Increase Engagement Rates new
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Stand Out from the Competition

Grab your audiences attention and stand out from the competion

Create a New Source of Revenue

Easily monetize your newsletters
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How it Works

Sending a text message newsletter is similar to sending an email newsletter. Due to the limited characters available in SMS messages you will include a URL link to direct your audience to your website or social media pages.

Build Your Mobile List

Your audience can text a keyword to your sms number that we will assign or they can sign up by entering their mobile number on your webform. We can help with that too.

Promote Your Mobile Newsletter List

We'll help you identify the various touch points where you can build your list. And how to do it fast!

Send Your Newsletter

We'll show you how to send the newsletter and use some of the advanced features if you need. Send an SMS newsletter in just minutes!

SMS Newsletter Features

Segmented Lists

Send relevant information with segmented contact lists and categories.

List Growth Options

Your audience can text to join or opt-in by entering their mobile number on your web form. Easily add a field to your email sign up forms.

Personalized SMS Newsletters

Personalize your newsletters with customized data fields.

Easy to Use

Sign up is easy for your audience and there are no logins, passwords, or apps to download. Makes it easy for you to engage with all your audience members.

Audience Feedback

Gain valuable audience feedback with through interactive SMS campaigns or your existing web-based surveys

2-Way SMS

2 way messaging enables your audience to easily communicate with you through text messagingSMS.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and integrations to gain valuable insight into your newsletter campaigns.

Handy Platform Features

Built-in URL shortener, age verification, mobile website builder, vCard wizard and more!

Increase Engagement
Metrics with Text Message Newsletters

Text message newsletters is your new tool to boost your engagement and metrics. With higher open and engagement rates than email you’ll start seeing a boost on your first send.

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Want To Learn More About Text Message Newsletters For Your Media Company?

Contact us today to see how SMS can help you grow and engage with your audience!

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