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SMS for Consumer Magazines

SMS for Consumer Magazines

SMS solutions that work across your audience development, subscription, advertising and event departments. Let your message stand out with text messaging solutions designed for media publishers.  Create new revenue and service opportunities. 

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SMS Consumer Magazine Solutions

To remain competitive, consumer magazines need to innovate their business models. To thrive in in this evolving landscape, consumer magazines must adopt new approaches to distribution and monetization.  Mission Mobile’s innovative SMS solutions complement your existing communication and engagement strategies while giving you a competitive advantage.  Our programs are designed for both print and digital consumer magazines. 

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Why Use SMS with Your Consumer Magazine?

Text messaging can help you leverage your print and digital assets while helping you create new services for your audience and advertisers.

How Your Magazine Can use Text Message Marketing

Services to work across divisions at your magazine. Solutions to give you an edge.

SMS Audience Development

Grow your audience with innovative services for your magazine. With a text marketing program you can build a proprietary audience and benefit from first party data. 

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SMS Subscription Services

Solutions for print and digital subscriptions. Acquire more customers, make renewals easier, all with mobile messaging!

SMS Lead Generation & Advertiser Solutions

Generate more leads for you and your advertisers with mobile messaging. SMS works as a lead gen tool by enabling 2-way texting over business lines and toll-free numbers. All without having to change carriers. 

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sms for magazine events

SMS for Events

SMS solutions that work for you before, during and after the event. Looking to enhance your event experience? With SMS, you can effortlessly engage with your attendees, providing real-time updates, event details, and exclusive promotions. Instantly reach a wide audience, ensuring higher attendance rates and improved communication. SMS allows for efficient event planning and organization, streamlining logistics and reducing manual efforts. 

Why Partner with Mission Mobile?

Customized Support

Don’t worry about having another software platform to learn. Our hybrid support model  makes it easy for you to get started and manage the program. We’ll help set up your account and campaigns leaving the easy work for you. 

Mobile Review

We provide a complimentary mobile review to help identify the areas where SMS marketing can help you based on your current and future goals. We’ll help review on a regular basis as well. 

Magazine Experience

Our experience with magazine and media companies means you’re partnered with someone who is focused and has the experience you need.  We also have solutions to work with your digital and print assets. 

Cost-Effective Pricing

Monthly pricing that is cost-effective without long term commitments. Our programs are designed to help you drive revenue and lower operational costs.


Connect to the publishing, email and media apps you use with our Zapier integration. A robust SMS API is also available to integrate your applications easily.

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Use Text Messaging as Part of Your Multi-Channel Strategy

Augment your audience development strategies with text messaging. Deliver messages at scale to your audience with the #1 communication channel-text messaging.

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Interested in learning how our SMS for Consumer Magazine Solutions
can work for you?

Contact us today to set up a call to talk or for a demo. Have just a few minutes to talk ? That’s fine. Just give us a shout and we can answer any quick questions you may have.

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