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SMS Consulting

From strategy to best practices, we help our clients navigate the complexities of SMS so you come out ahead. 

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The Media landscape is constantly changing and evolving.  Disruption, new competitors, new business models, and a change in consumer behavior are directly affecting the profit streams for publishers, media and entertainment companies.  

Media companies are searching to find new ways to engage, stand out and monetize their audience and customers.  We help identify and implement those opportunities with text messaging.

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Why You Need SMS as Part of Your Business Strategy

Your audience is texting every day. Shouldn’t you? 

The SMS Opportunity

SMS has been gaining ground as a channel and marketing tool for media companies and businesses worldwide.     

We know that media companies have different priorities. You may have the challenge of growing your audience base, reaching and engaging with your audience, or increasing renewals for your publication. 

We’ll share industry insights to give you a high level overview to see if now is the right time to discuss a text message engagement program. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Our deep SMS and engagement expertise will help you identify these growth opportunities, support your engagement initiatives, and complement your product development and services projects.  

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Consulting Areas

Our consultancy services provide the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals and tackle your most important challenges. We’ll help you discover how text messaging can work across departments, projects and campaigns to help you drive growth and lower expenses. 


Discover new revenue opportunities for your print, digital and event services.

New Revenue Opportunities


We’ll help brainstorm and recommend  strategy options based on your priorities and goals.

Campaign Consulting

We can help review opportunities for the types of campaigns  you could be running or may already be running. 

Campaign Consulting

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are custom tailored to your needs. Whether you already started a text message program, have a few questions, or are looking for industry insight, we have the experience and industry relationships to provide answers and guidance. 

Mobile Audit

We discuss and review your media assets and department and company goals to identify potential SMS opportunities.

SMS Compliance Guidance

We’ll help direct you to ensure your campaigns are compliant according to TCPA and industry standards.

Text Message Engagement Strategy

After a mobile audit is completed we brainstorm with you to discuss the steps to implement an SMS strategy.


The results of the mobile audit and strategy session are then outlined to make a plan of action to get you started.

Carrier Blocking

If you are experiencing carrier blocking issues, we review your campaigns from top to bottom to identify potential issues.  

Industry Insight

Curious to know how your competitors are using text messaging as part of their strategy? We can provide valuable insight across a number of verticals.

Learn How Text Messaging Can Be a Part of Your Omni-Channel Strategy

Most companies, in most industries, will be utilizing text messaging as part of their engagement and communication strategy.    Contact us to see if the time is right for your busines.

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Interested in a Consultation Session?

Contact us today. We can set up a brief call to see if a consulation session is right for you and to answer any immediate questions you might have.

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