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SMS for Podcasts

SMS for Podcasts

Send SMS & MMS (picture and audio messages) with new episodes & reminders. Generate leads from your podcasts; all with text messaging.

Email Engagment
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How Does SMS for Podcasts Work?

SMS enables you to send podcast episodes via SMS and MMS.  You can also use it build up both your mobile and emails lists.

SMS makes it easy to interact with your audience and monetize your podcasts with sponsored messages. 

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The Problem with using Email to Market your Podcast

Email & Social Media

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Why Use SMS for Podcasts?

SMS provides the solution you have been looking for!  How do I make my podcast stand out?  How can I make it easy to collect emails for myself, my guests and sponsors? 

Do all of this and more with SMS!

Grow Your Audience

Text messaging creates new ways to grow your audience. Texting leverages your web, social, print and other digital assets to promote your podcast and boost your audience. 

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Engage with your Podcast Audience

SMS is unique in its ability to help you engage with your podcast audience. Create two-way interactions and conversations with text messaging.

Generate Leads

Leverage SMS as a lead generation tool and provide more value to your audience and advertisers.  SMS enables you to promote your texting number during your podcast and generate leads for you and your sponsors.  Interactive features and data capture can be part of your next podcast.  

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Monetize Your Audience

Get creative and monetize your audience with SMS and MMS messaging. Create a new profit center and a new service to your media kit. 

SMS Podcast Features

Flexible features to automate and  personalize your podcast campaigns. 

Targeted Podcast Messaging

Create target lists for your podcast audience. Segment your audience according to their preferences and interests.

Multiple Opt-In Options

Grow your podcast list with keyword and webform options. Promote your keywords during broadcasts and integrate web based forms with your website and digital properties.

Personalize your Podcast Alerts

Personalize your podcast alerts and messages with standard and custom data fields.

It's easy for your Audience to Use

Great for audience members of all ages, in its ease of use. No logins or passwords necessary.

Surveys, Polling, Voting

Easily conduct polls and gather information during podcasts. Send follow up surveys after episodes. 

2-Way Texting

Let your audience be participate, comment and be part of the conversations with 2 way messaging.

Tracking and Reporting

Advanced tracking and reporting for your podcast campaigns. Track new option-ins, leads and more.

Customizable Platform

Create sub accounts for different media brands. Customize access controls to platform features and reporting.

Boost Podcast Downloads and Create New Revenue Streams with Text Messaging

Share information with your audience in realtime. Deliver messages at scale to your audience with the #1 communication channel, text messaging.

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Have questions about Text Messaging for Podcasts?

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