Send text messages to your customers and community using regular business telephone numbers and start boosting engagement. 

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What is 10DLC text messaging?

10DLC stands for”10 digit long code”.  These are just regular phone numbers that are enabled to send SMS & MMS (picture) messages.  

With 10DLC you can send SMS news alerts, newsletters, and more.



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Why Use 10DLC?

10DLC text numbers are ideal for most marketing and communications campaigns. They enable you to engage and communicate with your customers, advertisers, sponsors and stand out from the crowd.  10DLC numbers are also carrier approved and are able to support high volume campaigns at scale.  

Fast & Easy Setup

10DLCs are cost-effective we’ll help take care of the paperwork to set them up for you.  You can use your existing business number or Mission Mobile can order one for you from a choice of  area codes. 

Fast Easy Setup
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Great Features

Use 10DLC numbers with our platform and advanced feature set  to create engaging and interactive campaigns.  Set up campaigns that you can use in print and other media and with our web form options you can capture mobile numbers online.  

Carrier Support & Approval

10DLC numbers are approved by all the major USA and Canadian carriers. The SMS ecosystem has gone under a number of changes with respect to 10DLC.  This is all in an attempt to keep spam and other nuisance messages from harming consumers and making it a prime channel for marketing and engagement campaigns. 

Carrier Support

Platform Features with 10DLC

With flexibility to only use what you need, when you need it – combine one or more of our products for a tailored solution.

Send Personalized Messages

Use 10DLC numbers as part of your audience development strategy.  Start  seeing greater response rates with more personalized messaging.  

Send Targeted Messages

Use Mission Mobile’s standard and customized data fields to send more targeted messaging. Group different attributes to create segmented contact lists. 

Easy for Your Audience to Use

10DLC numbers are easy to use and understand because they use regular telephone numbers. No logins, no passwords, no app downloads. Great for audience members of all ages.

Use Your Existing Phone Lines

Use your existing business numbers or use one of Mission Mobile’s. Mission Mobile will help you submit the necessary paperwork to ensure your campaigns are approved and up and running in no time.  No change of voice carrier required. 

API & Integrations

Use our robust API or integrate with Zapier for easy SMS & MMS solutions. SMS complements your existing marketing, especially email.  Create contact forms that capture both email and SMS to boost your news alerts, newsletters and marketing promotions.  

Reporting & Tracking

View advanced tracking, reporting and dashboards to monitor your campaigns. Reporting information to track interactions and measure your campaigns.

Use 10DLC mobile numbers as Part of Your Multichannel Strategy

Augment your customer development strategies with 10DLC. Deliver messages at scale to your audience with the #1 communication channel-text messaging.

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Have questions about 10LDC mobile messaging?

Give us a shout. We’re here to help, not hard sell you.  

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