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Grow your audience with SMS Marketing Solutions designed to give you an edge! 

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing or Short Message Service Marketing, involves the sending of promotional, engagement and transactional messages for marketing purposes via text message. These messages are intended to help you engage better with your customers, drive revenue, build brand awareness and provide a better communication experience with your audience.  

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The Problems and Challenges for Businesses and Organizations ?

You face increased competition for your products and services. New competitors enter the market and new technologies disrupt the market.  You are looking for an edge without having to invest a lot of time, money and resources. SMS gives you that opportunity.  You may be finding it hard and in some cases, struggling, to communicate and engage iwht your customers, 

Email & Social Media

 In the cluttered world of email and social media, it’s hard to stand out. Everyone is sending the same messages and saying the same things. And even if you manage to craft a unique message, there’s no guarantee that your customers will even see it.

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You may lack the necessary resources to innovate and build new products. You are not fully able to leverage your print, web, digital and other assets.  Image Source: Statistica

SMS Marketing

Create engaging mobile messaging campaigns that complement and leverage your existing marketing. Text Marketing allows for instant communication and quick response rates, making it an effective tool for promoting products and services. 

Higher Open, Read and Engagement Rates than Email

Start using the #1 communication channel – Text Messaging!

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Complements your Email and Social Media Engagement

 Text message marketing complements your email and social media efforts. Combine text with email marketing and social media to boost your strategy for engaging your audience.

Integrates with your Existing Marketing

SMS works with and leverages your existing Print, Digital, OH, Podcast, Social Media, Radio, TV, and other media assets. 

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Text Marketing Service Features

Features to cover you for a wide range of campaigns and across departments. 

SMS News Alerts

Send breaking news alerts that stand out & keeps your audience engaged! Drive revenue with sponsored SMS messages.

SMS Newsletters

Complement your email newsletters. Create new revenue streams with sponsored SMS newsletters. Drive more traffic to your digital properties.


Make engagement with your audience fun and easy with SMS text-to-win campaigns. Advanced features and easy setup and implementation.

SMS Surveys, Polling & Voting

Send SMS or web based surveys to your audience. Include polling and voting campaigns in print, on podcasts and at events.

SMS Email Sign Ups & Data Capture

Grow your email list from your print, podcasts and events with text messaging. Not sure what that all means? We’ll show you how easy it is!

Text a News Tip or Suggestion

Simplify the process and allow your audience to participate by sharing news tips through SMS. Get instant messages through SMS, email, or our portal.

Webinar, Event & Conference Alerts

SMS solutions for pre, at, and post event. Send event announcements, reminders, schedule changes and more. Run interactive campaigns to fully engage with your audience.

2-Way Texting

Communicate 2-way with your audience via SMS in our easy to use portal. Works across all your departments.

Platform Features

We’ll try not to overwhelm you with all the platform features. But don’t worry, we’ll help set it up so you have the right tools you need.

Text Message Marketing Solutions That Help You Grow and Engage your Customers.

Share information with your customers in realtime. Deliver messages at scale to with the #1 communication channel-text messaging.

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Have Questions about SMS for Audience Development?

Contact us today. We’re here to answer any questions and provide industry insight, not hard sell you. 

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